Based on the current status of a live Soccer match, and at our discretion, matches may be placed in a danger zone. 

Wagers placed while a game is in a danger zone are subject to rejection. Danger Zones include, but are not limited to, Free Kicks near the goal, Corners, attacks in the opposition third, etc. 

If a live Soccer wager is placed while the match is in a danger zone, the wager will be declared as "waiting". 

Note that a wager placed during a danger zone is not automatically cancelled. Once the danger zone is released, wagers are either accepted and added to your pending plays, or rejected. Whether the wager is accepted, or rejected, depends on the result of the danger zone. Only if there was a goal scored or a red card shown are wagers placed during a danger zone rejected. If the danger zone ends with any other result, the wager will be accepted.